Names or descriptions of characters played by any of the five Kids in the Hall. Recurring characters in italics. Descriptions of some characters may be omitted to avoid revealing a surprise ending.

Episode 1 Edit

•Plane: Bruce, Kevin (Air Stewardesses), Dave, Scott (men in diner).
•Body Conscious: Dave (Man in sauna), Scott (Danny Husk).
•Cabbie: Bigot: Kevin (Fare) Mark (Cabbie)
•Chicken Lady Show: Dave (Waiter), Bruce (Compere), Kevin (Bearded Lady), Mark (Chicken Lady), Scott (Rooster Boy)
•Cabbies: Pris: Kevin (Fare), Mark (Cabbie), Scott (Cabbie)
•Cops: Abuse: Bruce (Cop 1), Mark (Cop 2), Scott (Abusive man)
• Small C: Dave (Eli), Kevin (Jedediah)
• The Pen: Dave, Bruce, Kevin, Mark, Scott
• Cops: Asleep: Bruce (Cop 1), Mark (Cop 2)
• Touch Me There: Kevin (Mrs Husk), Scott (Danny Husk)

Episode 2Edit

•Clothes Make the Man: Scott

•Can't Sleep 2: Bruce (Gordon), Dave (Brian), Scott (Fran)

•Tiggy: Dave, Kevin

•I Can Live With That: Bruce, Dave, Kevin, Scott

•Excellent TV: Mark (Darril)

•Can't Sleep 3: Bruce (Gordon), Scott (Fran)

•Girl Drink Drunk: Dave, Kevin

Episode 3 Edit

•Asleep On The Job: Dave, Scott


•Nervous Break(fast) Down: Kevin (Husband in distress)

•Raise 1: Dave ('I Want a Raise' guy), Kevin (His Boss)

•Gimmel 100: Bruce (Gord), Mark (Jeff)

•Raise 2: as 'Raise 1'

•Tammy: Bruce (Tammy), Scott (Buddy Cole)

Episode 4 Edit


•Earring: Bruce (Man), Kevin (His Girlfriend), Dave, Mark, Scott (Businessmen)

•Flying Pig 1:

•Queen's Address: Scott (Queen Elizabeth 2)

•Flying Pig 2:

•Academy Awards:

•Cops: Flying Pig: Bruce, Mark (Cops 1 & 2)

•Chop Chop: Dave (Axe Murderer), Kevin (an old lady)

•Flying Pig 3:

Episode 5Edit

•Presentation: Bruce (Robert), Kevin (Jay), Dave, Mark (Visiting Businessmen)

•Tanya's Goodbye: Bruce (Kathie), Dave (Ms Ferguson), Kevin (Security Guard), Mark (Tanya), Scott (Cathy)

•Open Letter 1: a Bruce monologue (? voiceover by Scott)

•Tucker: Mark (Tucker)

•Open Letter 2: as 'Open Letter1'

•Until Proven Guilty: Bruce (Prosecutor), Dave (Mr Pearson), Kevin (Judge), Mark (Mitchell Moore), Scott (Brad)

•Underage: Bruce & Scott as 'Themselves'

Episode 6 Edit

•Cops: Night 1:


•Original Bat:


•Drag Revolution: a 'Scott ' sketch

•Cops: Night 2:


•Cops: Night 3:

Episode 7 Edit

•Mom or Dad: Bruce (Dad), Dave (Mom), Mark (Custody Judge), Scott

•Evol: Bruce (Helen Bathgate), Dave (Manservant Hecubus), Kevin (Sir Simon Milligan)

•Same As Bruce: Bruce as 'Himself'. (Mark & Dave are in the background).

•Mocking: Mark (Mr Abrams), Scott (Strange Man)

•Sacking All Admirals: Mark (Hilary)

•Waiting Room: Bruce & Kevin (Brothers), Dave (Bad Doctor), Mark (Helpful Man)

•Kidnapped: Bruce (Kidnapper, Co-worker), Dave (Gwen, Newspaper Boy), Kevin (Photocopier), Mark (Co-worker), Scott (Danny Husk)

Episode 8 Edit

•Genius: Dave, Kevin

•Gut: Bruce (Stan), Kevin (Derek), Mark (Leon)

•Wedding Virgin:

•Terrier: Bruce as 'Himself', Kevin (Pitbull Owner)

•Wedding Toast:

•Freedom of Speech: Bruce (Norm Williams), Dave (His Boss)

•Wedding Objection:

•Excellent Patio: Bruce, Dave (Restaurant Customers), Kevin (Impatient Lady), Mark (Darril), Scott (Beggar)

Episode 9 Edit

•Cops: Old Lady: Bruce (Cop 1), Kevin (Young Man), Mark (Cop 1, Hilary), Scott (Marjorie)

•The Gift

•Babysitter: Bruce (Gavin), Dave (Cupid, Priest), Kevin (Natalie), Mark (Gavin's Mum), Scott (Peter)

•M. Piedlourde Puts His Pants On: Dave (M. Piedlourde), Kevin (His Butler)

•Paris: Scott (Buddy Cole)

•Street Singers: Bruce & Mark (The Losers)

•M. Piedlourde Deteste Le Film: Dave (M. Piedlourde)

•Macaroni: Bruce & Mark (The Losers), Dave (Scientist), Kevin (Ketchup Man), Scott (Mr McKim)

Episode 10 Edit

•Fact: Stone: -

•After The Film: Bruce (Kidnapper), Dave (Woman 1), Kevin (Woman 2), Scott (Kidnapper's Accomplice)

•Replaced 1: All as 'Themselves' (a Scripted Lives sketch)

•Grandpa Geralds: Bruce & Mark (two Geralds)

•Wages: Bruce (a character monologue)

•Replaced 2: as 'Replaced 1'


•Fact: Uncle: -

•Captain Calm: Dave (Navigator), Kevin (Captain), Scott (First Mate)

•Fact: Strike: Mark as the 'It's A Fact' girl

•Replaced 3: Scott as 'Himself'

Episode 11 Edit

•Girls: Kevin (Businessman), Mark

•Mr Wrong: Dave (Bride ?Gwen), Bruce, Kevin, Mark, Scott (Bridegrooms)

•He's Hip 1

•Extreme: Kevin (Lacey), Mark (Christine), Scott (Raj)

•He's Hip 2


•He's Hip 3:

•Stay Down!: Bruce (Sue), Kevin (Sue's Friend), Mark (Sharisse), Scott (Queen Elizabeth 2)

Episode 12 Edit

•Cops: Opera: Bruce & Mark (Cops 1 & 2)

•Back On The Horse: Bruce (EMT), Dave (Doctor), Kevin (Man at party), Mark (Chef), Scott (Phil)

•Ed: Bruce (Phil), Dave (Tom), Mark (Impersonator)

•Cops: Shift: Bruce & Mark (Cops 1 & 2)

•Buddy's Date: Scott (Buddy Cole)

•Tea Factory: Kevin (Mr Tisane), Mark (Tea Shop man)

•Cops: Asleep: Bruce & Mark (Cops 1 & 2)

•Pickle: Bruce (Tammy), Dave, Kevin (Reporters), Mark (Governor General of Canada), Scott (Queen Elizabeth 2)

Episode 13 Edit

•Boxing: Dave, Kevin (Boxers)

•Pizzeria: Dave (Customer), Kevin, Mark (Pizza Chefs)

•On The Subject Of Me: Cow: a Dave character monologue

•Bartending School: Bruce (Sue), Mark (Sharisse)

•On The Subject Of Me: Caricature: a Dave character monologue

•The Sudelmans: Bruce (Harry Miller), Dave (Andy Belli), Mark, Scott (The Sudelmans)

•On The Subject Of Me: Moustache: a Dave character monologue

•My Horrible Secret: Bruce (Mr Mann)

Episode 14 Edit

•Poem: 99 Bottles: Mark (The Emperor of Japan)

•Funeral Home: Bruce (Gavin), Dave (Dance Partner), Kevin (Gavin's Dad), Mark (Gavin's Mum), Scott (Sheila)

•Poem: The Fall: Mark (Emperor)

•The King: Dave (Lex Hair), Kevin (Dean Dean), Mark (Hilary)

•Advice: a Bruce monologue

•Scar: Dave (Bad Doctor), Kevin (Nurse), Mark (Patient)

•Poem: The Empress: Mark (Emperor)

•Emergency Troupe Meeting: all as 'Themselves' (a Scripted Lives sketch)

Episode 15 Edit

•Cops: Potato

•Serial: Dave (Captain Wonderful), Kevin (Winged Avenger), Scott (Arms Longfellow)

•Gross 1: Bruce (Jim), Scott (Brad)

•Cops: Thinking:

•Home Alone: a Scott monologue

•Opened Up:

•Gross 2: Bruce (Jim)

•Shirlers: Bruce (Monster Trucker), Kevin (Shirling Referee), Mark (Shirling Promoter, Shirler), Scott (another Shirler)

Episode 16 Edit

•Resemble: a Scott monologue

•Treatment: Dave (Lister/ Jerry Sizzler), Kevin (Jean-Pierre/ Jerry Sizzler)

•Fact: Ears: Mark (Doctor)

•Night Train: Mark (Mississippi Gary)

•Garbage Man: Bruce (City Inspector), Kevin (unnamed Garbage Man), Mark (Al Skagnetti)

•Fact: Vanilla Ice: -

•Bauer: Bruce (Bobby Terrance), Dave (Joscelyn), Kevin (Police Officer, ? voice of the Eye), Mark (Addict, The Devil), Scott (Bauer)

Episode 17 Edit

•Father Figure 1

•God: Dave, Kevin, Mark (Men of the Mavisville Recreation Centre committee)

•Darcy and Francesca: Dave (Bruno Puntz-Jones), Kevin (Darcy Pennell), Scott (Francesca Fiore)

•Father Figure 2

•Letters From A Sickbed: Kevin (James), Scott (Tyrone Bibbens)


•Father Figure 3

•Joint Tag

Episode 18 Edit

•Old Yeller 1: Bruce (Ma), Dave, Scott (Children), Kevin (Toby), Mark (Cowboy)

•Skeletons: Dave (A T & Love Boss), Scott (Danny Husk)

•Ugly Situation: Bruce (Loud Man), Mark (Mr Harris)

•Vicky: Scott (a Buddy Cole monologue)

•Old Yeller 2: as 'Old Yeller 1'

•Armada: Bruce (Rod Torfulson), Kevin (), Mark (Herman Menderchuck), Scott (Mr Torfulson)

•Horsey: Dave (Tracy), Kevin (Toby), Mark (Tracy's Mother), Scott (Tracy's Father)

Episode 19 Edit

•What: Bruce (Woman), Scott (Man)

•Cattle Call 1: Dave (Manservant Hecubus), Kevin (Sir Simon Milligan), Scott (Agent)

•Clock Radio:

•Excellent Mom Frame: Dave (Gwen), Mark (Darril), Scott (Darril's Mother)

•Cattle Call 2: Dave (Manservant Hecubus), Kevin (Sir Simon Milligan)

•Long Story

•Celebration: All as 'Themselves' (a Scripted Lives sketch), with a montage of Scott as various waiters

Episode 20 Edit

•On The Subject Of Me: Spleen: a Dave character monologue

•Chicken Wedding: Dave (Father of the Bride), Kevin (Bearded Lady), Mark (Chicken Lady)



•Check Up: Kevin (Patient), Scott (Doctor)

•On The Subject Of Me: Cesarian: a Dave character monologue

•Spy Models: Dave (Bruno Puntz-Jones), Kevin (), Mark (South American General), Scott, (Francesca Fiore)

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