An A - Z list of Kids in the Hall recurring characters.


  • The Activists (Axel, Ozone) see also: Shona
  • Ann
  • 'Armada'
  • Artist
  • A T & Love Boss
  • Axe Murderer (Dave)

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  • Danny Husk (Works at A T & Love)
  • Darcy Pennell (Talk Show Host)
  • Darill (Mark)
  • 'Dave'
  • Dean Dean
  • 'Deer by the Water' guys
  • Dignity Slobs
  • Doug Terrance

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  • Elizabeth Ferguson

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  • Gavin (Boy who talks and talks)
  • Gavin's Dad
  • Gavin's Mum
  • Geralds
  • Gord
  • Gordon (Father of Brian)
  • Gwen

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  • Kathie (Kathie with a 'K')
  • 'Kevin'
  • 'The Kids in the Hall' (Scripted Lives sketches. See also: 'Bruce', 'Dave', 'Kevin', 'Mark' and 'Scott'
  • King of Empty Promises ("Will do.")
  • Kyle (Uptight Teen)

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  • Laura (Non-Main-Cast Grunge Girl)
  • Leslie
  • Lex Hair (Friend of the King of Empty Promises)
  • Lister
  • The Losers

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  • 'Mark'
  • Maudre (Hooker Scot)
  • Mr McKim
  • Melanie
  • Murray (Non-Main-Cast Old Man)

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  • Newscasters
  • Nina Spudneeyak
  • 'Nobody Likes Us' guys

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  • Old Lady (Dave)
  • Old Lady (Kevin)
  • Old Lady (Scott)

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  • Tammy (Pop Star)
  • Tanya (Temp)
  • Tea Bastard
  • Mr Tisane
  • Tom Peake and Mrs Peake

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  • Ms/ Nurse Unloop

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  • 'You've Lost Me' guy
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