Gavin is a recurring character played by Bruce McCulloch.

Gavin 1

Biography and Physical Description Edit

Gavin is a prepubescent male who lived with his mother until her death sometime before the events of "Mothers's Funeral," at which point he went to live with his father as is made evident in "Gavin and the Evangelists." He is frequently seen wearing a red backpack and a green baseball cap emblazoned with a logo for the video game The Legend of Zelda.

Appearances Edit

Gavin appears in the following sketches:

  • “Gavin and Mom”
  • “Butcher Shop”
  • “Love is in the Air”
  • “Husk Musk”
  • “Mother’s Funeral”
  • “Painting a Chair”
  • “Gavin and the Evangelists”
  • “Leaking”
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