Francesca Fiore is a recurring character played by Scott Thompson.

Francesca Fiore

Biography Edit

Francesca is an Uruguayan native and aging movie star. Her mother was Brazilian, but her passport says “Norway.” She considers herself Irish. She married Bruno Puntz Jones when he was 12 and she was 26. While apparently still married, she declares that Bruno is her former lover, but her future pimp. While married to Bruno, she also married—and attempted to divorce—Mr. Tisane

She simultaneously engaged in affairs with an Argentinian General’s wife and an unnamed senator. Francesca discovered that Bruno was engaged in an affair with the same General whose wife she had seduced, and eventually confronted Bruno regarding the affair. She then disguised herself as a man, went to a bar, and heard a song that reminded her of her past as a young Uruguayan flower girl. Bruno interrupted Francesca’s revelry, shooting the American bar patron with whom she’d been engaging in conversation. The pair declared that they would kill themselves, but apparently never did.

Her film work includes Senhora Sete, about a modern woman who wakes up one day with seven sets of genitals. In Spy Models, she portrays a spy model who seduces and dismembers a South American General.

Appearances Edit

Francesca Fiore appears in the following sketches:

  • “Hazy Movie”
  • “Darcy & Francesca”
  • “Spy Models”
  • “Fiore!”
  • “Divorce Court”
  • “Cheers”
  • "Syntax"
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