Bruno Puntz Jones is a recurring character played by Dave Foley.

Bruno Puntz Jones

Biography Edit

Bruno Puntz Jones was married to Francesca Fiore when he was 12 and she was 26. During their marriage, he was once the aid to a powerful Argentinian General who fell in love with him, leading to an affair. The General’s wife uncovered the affair, and disclosed it to her own lover, Francesca Fiore. Unbeknownst to the General’s wife, Francesca was simultaneously romantically linked to Bruno and to an unnamed senator. After confronting Bruno about his affair with the General, Bruno shot an American bar patron with whom Francesca had been engaging in conversation while disguised as a male. The pair declared that they would kill themselves, but apparently never did.

At some point during their marriage, Bruno also shot Mr. District Attorney during proceedings of Fiore’s divorce from Mr. Tisane.

Bruno enjoys playing Russian Roulette. He appears in the film Senhora Sete alongside Francesca Fiore, in which they apparently engage in violent sexual intercourse that leaves Bruno badly injured. He also appears in Spy Models, in which he helps Francesca to dispose of the dismembered corpse of a South American General.

Appearances Edit

Bruno Puntz Jones appears in the following sketches:

  • “Hazy Movie”
  • “Darcy & Francesca”
  • “Spy Models”
  • “Cheers”